Cobbs Hill Water Towers

Cobbs Hill Water Towers

Cobbs Hill Park is located just off of Monroe Avenue in the Upper Monroe District. It’s home to a number of baseball fields, basketball courts, trails, and is famous for the historic Cobbs Hill Reservoir. Just east of the Reservoir lies another treasure, two abandoned water towers that have become a gathering place for local graffiti artist.

Each tower is completely encircled with murals interlocking with simple tags. Anything within reach has been covered in paint; even the old electrical boxes have been painted over and tagged. This is one of the few sites locally where graffiti art is displayed in broad daylight allowing the viewer to fully appreciate the colors, shading, and technique on display.

A short walk into the park is all it takes to see a showcase of local graffiti for free and with no worry about being caught. Anyone who loves the artistry of this style should take the trip to check it out.



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