FUA Crew Expo

When you think of international organizations from Rochester you might think of Kodak, Xerox, or Bausch and Lomb; but there is one group that’s missing from the list and its bunch of fucked up alcoholics from downtown Rochester. The FUA graffiti crew has been crushing walls and other crews on an international scale for over 20 years and shows no sign is stopping now.

Last month the FUA Crew threw a 2 day party, the first night was an expo showcasing art from all of the artists, with b-boys, DJ, and enough beer to keep everyone happy. The next day was the B-Boy Barbeque, which was the same formula as the night before with delicious food.

We caught up with an FUA original, Sno Boogie, at the expo in hopes for a quick interview. He was happy to talk to us but ended up spending more time introducing us to every bomber that walked by than interviewing. Not that I’m complaining, as a young tagger the fact that I could meet names I’ve seen painted around the country was a dream. Artist from all over the country came out to support the crew, which just shows the reputation the FUA have obtained at a national level.

In the end it wasn’t about barbeque or looking at painting on the walls, the expo and barbeque was about supporting the crew. If you like the subway or water tower photos that we have posted in the past, you need to go and support the FUA Crew at every expo they do; paint isn’t cheap.



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