The Absolutes CD Release

Some times a band comes around that revitalizes an old genre. Think of the Black Keys, taking old blues favorites from RL Burnside and Howlin’ Wolf, putting a new spin on it, and turning a whole new generation into blues lovers. That’s what The Absolutes are doing by creating a sound that mixes 60’s music with a heavy garage feel. Think The Beetles and The Kinks meets The Obits and Cage The Elephant, and you get a small idea of what the absolutes hit you with when they begin playing.

The band’s 2nd CD release was held at the Bug Jar on August 13th and really set the tone for the bands new LP.

The Absolutes gave an electrified performance, throwing themselves into every song, looking downright exhausted after each song only to work themselves back into frenzy with the next song. Songs were routinely sidetracked throughout the night with solos from all of the band members, and lead singer Alex often jumped offstage to play or sing in the crowd.  The Bug Jar’s stage area was pack with fans dancing and singing along to old and new songs alike. The band also covered a number of great songs including “Can I Have a Witness” which was so soulful you thought Alex would collapse to a knee James Brown style afterwards.

The CD itself, titled “Everyone’s Feeling Alright” is made up of 11 songs ranging from dance songs to slower more heartfelt songs. My personal favorites are “I Got a Girl” and “Baby Let Me Be Your Man”.

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