Melia CD Release

This post has been long over due. Melia is a punk artist from Spencerport who has been playing guitar since she was 16.  We caught up with her last month during her CD Release for “Soundproof Walls” at The Montage Music Hall. The event had a great turn out, with family and fans alike coming to support the band, along with several bands that came out to open including Mikaela Davis.

Melia and the band played a mixture of the new songs and covers that ranged from the Cranberries to Lady Gaga.

After the show we caught up with Melia to talk about her new CD and love of music:

It was really nice to hear them all finished. 100% of my inspiration comes from real life experiences. That’s why I started music. I needed an outlet and a release from certain things I was going through. I know a few of the songs on the record are about broken relationships and broken friendships. I always feel better about certain things that I’ve experienced after I write a song about it. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s my therapy. I use a lot of metaphors in my lyrics. I like to put a picture in peoples minds. An example is Soundproof Walls. I felt like certain people in my life had no idea what I was going through at one point. I felt like no matter how hard I tried they couldn’t hear me, like I was screaming through soundproof walls. I take from everything around me. I take my creativity and mix it with my emotions. It’s magical when I finish a song.

Melia is defiantly a show to check out.  Songs you need to check out from the new CD are “Sleaze Parade” and “Checking Out”

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