Music Spotlight: Like Vintage

Music Spotlight: Like Vintage

For this spotlight we caught up with Like Vintage, an experimental indie trio.  The band will be preforming at Water Street Music Hall Friday, September 16th. Be sure to check these guys out!

Tell us a little about the band. How long have you guys been playing together, how did it all get started?

Well, we are a 3 piece Indie outfit that formed about 8 months ago after Jay and I (Ben) left our former band Emulet, and Garrett Left his Former Band Lapse. The 3 of us had been in a band together in high school and remained good friends since. We came together again because we felt at this point we were experienced enough and dedicated enough to creating something truly meaningful as a group. Our main goal as a band from the very beginning has been to create music that all 3 of us get to express ourselves with out restrictions. It’s been a very rewarding experience.
What were some major influences on the music?

As far as our sound, we draw a lot of influence from bands such as Brand New, Taking back Sunday, Oceana, The Used and The Beatles. When it comes to the writing, we like our songs to tell a story with the lyrics. Every song has a concept based on struggles and different social situations we experience in our everyday lives. We want people to take something away from our music.

Any new projects in the mix? New CD or tour planned?

We will be heading to The Square Studio in Syracuse at the end of the month to record our second EP with Steve Sopcheck. We also have some big shows in the works as well as a CD release for December.
What do you guys think of the music scene in Rochester?

It’s been difficult to find our place in the scene. There aren’t a lot of bands doing the kind of style we are around here. I believe Rochester could have a really good music scene, but everyone has to do there part. We would encourage everyone, do what you can to support local music. The fans are just as important to the scene as the bands if not more important. If it weren’t for everyone coming out to the shows there wouldn’t be a music scene. We’re just hoping to start something new and fresh that people will enjoy.

What’s your favorite place to play in Rochester?

As far as the atmosphere, I love Dubland Underground but for the sound quality, Waterstreet does a great job.


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