Local Artist: Ryan Williamson

Local Artist: Ryan Williamson

We Recently met with local artist Ryan Williamson. When he’s not working as a Digital Manager of Messenger Post Media he is creating critters on his website Adult Conversations. His other side project, Pixelhate designs, has been the creator of various music promo posters around Rochester.

We met him at Magpies to discuss his influences and his new exhibit at Pandaman Toys, October 7th.

How did you start doing these little creatures?

It all started with doodling in a notebook.  It goes way back, I’ve been drawing in the corner of notebooks since 6th grade. In high school I would sit in the back and do caricatures of teachers or whatever came to mind. The critters just evolved from that.

When I was graduating high school like most people I didn’t know what I wanted to do, my mom suggested FLCC for design since it was the only profession I could have that allowed me to keep drawing. Not to say graphic design is just drawing, but I feel like if you are an artist and you’re not doodling and creating all the time, then you’re not really into it.

How did Adult Conversations and Pixelhate start?

AdultConversations actually all started because of my friend Tim. As a kid I had a white board that I constantly drew on. He gave me an old white board that he had at home. I put it up in my kitchen and would sit there and draw cool stuff. I got his idea for an art exhibit that white boards were set up where people could have free range to draw whatever they wanted and everyone could see what everyone else drew.

Adult conversations expanded out of that idea; I draw my designs on a white board then fixate them to the board once they are done anyone can draw over my designs. Just the whole concept of having functional art is interesting to me.

Pixelhate is my graphic design and illustration. I don’t do a lot of graphic design anymore, I just do it for friends and stuff like that. I wanted to switch focus from my normal illustrations of critters and monsters. They don’t describe Pixelhate design, They are just my critter I draw. For that I mostly do screen printing and posters.

The band posters started because I have a bunch of friends in fairly successful bands around Rochester. I was in a band at the time and one of the other band members had a screen printing shop in his basement. We ended up going to bands around Rochester and asking if they wanted us to make shirts and posters for them. I would design it and he would print everything off. We did boulder fest for a year and some national contracts from bands like Jucifer.

Have you had any of your art work shown recently?

I was at the Gallery by RIT for a little bit, that is before it turned into a lingerie shop.  Since that I don’t think my location shows my work anymore (laughs)  I’m part of a show with local artist October 7th at Pandaman Toys.

What is Pandaman Toys and how did you get involved in it?

Pandaman Toys was an idea created by my friends Chuck and Beth. It’s a coffee shops/art gallery/comic and vinyl toy shop. There’s a stage in the corner for music, plus a section filled with old game consoles.  I’m pretty psyched to be a part of that.

I met Chuck on Twitter. He posted a call out for local artists, I responded. Once we met and hit it off. He asked me to do this white board concept so I gave a bunch of pieces for the gallery.

Check out Ryan’s websites here:


Check out Pandaman Toys @ www.pandamantoys.com 

Be sure to attend the grand opening of Pandaman Toys October 7th at 439 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY.



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