Fight MD: Endangered Youth

Fight MD: Endangered Youth

This series is dedicated to the Muscular Dystrophy Charity being held at the Bug Jar October 16th. The show was started by Nathan Davenport, “Watch your Step” band member and Owner of Nasty Records. The show features four great local bands which will all be featured in this series.

First band to the plate is “Endangered Youth” a great group of guys who put on some killer shows around Rochester and recently around Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. We met up with them after a shop to talk about the punk scene and the Fight MD charity.

How did the band get started?

Well Stephen, Adam, and John all knew each other for years and started a band with Joshua Richards (Former member of Silverfish) on guitar. After a releasing the EP “Stand Your Ground” and “Pirate EP/Split” Joshua left and the void was filled by Eric on Guitar.

Did the band’s style change at all with Eric joining?

Not really drastic changes, just small stuff.  Everyone contributes when coming up with songs, so we still play songs that were written by Joshua and now Eric writes as well, so the band is made up of a number of different writing styles.

So you guys toured recently, how was that?

More like a mini tour, it was only about a week.  We played in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t too bad. We learned a lot, didn’t lose too much money. The first night was the best, as far as what we played. The guy who booked the show put nothing but touring bands on the ticket, so basically only the sound guy and the owner of the band showed up.

The owner said he would find us someplace to stay, not so much. He brought us to the curb and told us we could park our car and sleep there. We were in Kingston NY, We’re not sure if you’ve been there but it’s a very sketchy place. Down the road was a crack dealer riding around a wannabe pimp bike yelling at junkies.

We ended up driving down the road and sleeping on the concrete of a truck stop.  After that we traveled to Massachusetts and stayed at Los Bungalitos place, which is a very good band and everyone needs to check them out.

We did this mini tour, more to figure out what we needed to learn to do a larger tour. The biggest thing we learned is to bring a tent and more Teddy Grams. But we have another mini tour with Condition Oakland in February.

You have a new CD ‘Furtherance” in the works right now. How is that going?

Well the album art has changed about five times. As the CD is still being written and recorded so as the feel and themes changes the Album cover changes. So we have decided to stop painted the covers and just wait until the CD is done.

I think the whole CD is about us developing as a band and as people. A lot of the lyrics are very personal and the music reflects that.

The CD should be out by the end of this year, hopefully.

How did you get involved in Fight MD?

Nathan from “Watch Your Step” actual put this all together; their bassist was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  It all kind of hits close to home with us as well because, apart from Eric, all of us work are in Human services and two of us actually work with people with Muscular Dystrophy. Its very personal for us so when we heard about this we had to get in on it.

This whole charity is being put on by punk artists, but do you think punk music gets a bad rep overall?

It really depends on the crowd and on the venue, In Rochester we haven’t really gotten a bad rap. It depends on the people; you are always going to have people who really like the music, people who don’t care, and then those who never would want to come to a show.

Steve and Adam grew up in central Pennsylvania, where there wasn’t much of an underground scene so bands got together and played and the genre didn’t matter. I think we brought that to Rochester so we are cool to play with people from other genres. We actually have more fun in concerts where the bands aren’t the same genre rather than all punk or all indie or whatever.  But overall the genres seem to stick together which sucks.

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