Fight MD: The Results

Fight MD: The Results

For Part 2 of the Fight MD series we hunted down The Results. This series is dedicated to helping raise awareness for the Fight MD charity show being held at the Bug Jar October 16th. Great music and a great cause; missing this show may result in you felling awful as a person.

The Results are a garage (or in this case attic) band who’s style is hard to pin down; but style is irrelevant when your just focused on making good music. We sat down with the band to talk about bringing the band together, attic shows, and telling the perfect dirty joke.

How did The Results form?

Spencer: Oh god that’s an epic tale of children and mythical creatures.

Bryan:  We’re pushing four years ago when the whole idea of the band started. It was Ben in my basement playing together. We had no other outlet, we just played music. Then after a year we moved into the attic of our current house.

Ben: And by moving into the attic we pissed off a lot of people.  People could hear us from the ford street bridge. The attic isn’t really an apartment, its bare wood and shingles that’s about it. It was basically playing outside without the wind, you can see the outside between the gaps of the floor and walls.

Spencer: It was like playing in a gazebo.

Ben: Yea so while we were playing there, we bothered Jenny enough with our music for her to come up and check out the set up. We had a drum set in the corner so she asked if we could sit behind it and hit things.

Jenny: I had never played drums before, but after a while I was able to keep a beat and play with them. Then after awhile that we finally convinced Spencer to play with us.

Bryan: We knew we had an opportunity to do something after he joined because he just eats, breathes, shits, oozes music and creativity. Before that it was just messy, dirty, uncoordinated punk music.

So when was the first show as the whole band?

Bryan: Our first show of sorts was in late January early February.

Spencer: We played in the attic with just two 1400 watt radiators and a very misleadingly small heater.  The first show was the “Bring Us Your Beer Attic Show” Our friend bought $150 of Genny from a drive thru distributor.

Ben: The floors went from wood to aluminum by the end of that show. “Small Time Criminals” played with us and we fit about fifty people into the small attic.  It was lots of fun, but we played terrible the first time. Anything is fun when you’re a thirty rack in.

So where has the band been playing since?

Bryan: We’ve done the Blue Room, Bug Jar, California Brew Haus, The Montage, The Fire House, just all over the place.

You guys have a favorite place to perform?

Spencer: I would say it’s a toss up between the Brew Haus and The Montage just because of the sound.

Bryan: I do like the Bug Jar is the atmosphere and they do a really good job with the sound.

You guys have a very unique sound and seem to play with just about any other band across genres. Do you consider yourself punk?

Bryan: One of the hardest questions to answer is what genre we are; it usually just gets a blank stare from one of us. We like to think of ourselves as just original Rochester Rock and Roll. We don’t try to just play with punk or just play with rock bands.

Ben: We just do whatever we think sounds good.

So who did that sick joke before the “Kill My Girl” song?

Ben: That was me. I was looking for a joke that would be offensive yet acceptable. I think there is something for everyone in that joke; it has cheating, mystery, sex changes, intrigue, and a good twist. (Laughs)

Jenny: We tell a joke every time we play that song. Even during practice.

How did you get into the Fight MD Charity?

Spencer: Right place, right time. I saw Nathan’s post on Facebook looking for bands so I messaged him and set him our strongest songs “I’m After You” and “Fight Song”.  “Fight Song” ended up on the compilation and we ended up in the show.

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