Fight MD: Such Wreckless Children

Fight MD: Such Wreckless Children

Our next band for the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Series is Such Wreckless Children, a up and coming punk band that has been rocking garages and basements all summer. They have recently crawled out onto the street and have played shows at the Bug Jar and Dub Land. We caught them at their practice spot to talk about the upcoming Fight MD show. (If you still don’t know what Fight MD is click here)

How did you get started?

We have been jamming for about 3 years now. We were really into indie rock and folk stuff, but slowly moved to punk songs. Zack was recording stuff in his basement and came to play bass.

We needed a drummer for the longest time, we played with this one girl for a while but she was just way to slow. She was a Christian rock drummer and refused to play any punk or anything anti Christian. We met Collin through a friend called mosh man. We went to Collin’s house to audition, played a few songs with him and we all decided to play together.

What changed you from Indie to Punk?

When we were organically writing we were influenced by Bright Eyes and The White Stripes.  Matthias just got angry one day and just got angry one day and just started writing and playing really fast punk music. Punk in general is just more fun to play and we can relate to it more.

So how long have the current members been playing?

We’ve been doing shows together for about three months. We have played a few shows at the Meat Grinder, then a show at Dub Land and the Bug Jar.  Then our next gig is for the Fight MD show, which we are pumped for.

So we just released a clip from your practice spot in the basement. When did you get this set up?

This is our second time practicing down here. We used to practice in the garage all summer long but a week ago it rained and the whole place was flooded. All of our wires and equipment was under water. We figured the basement would be flooded to, but it was completely dry so we just set up shop down here.

So you’ve said you wanted to bring punk back, what did you mean by that?

Well when we started we weren’t really aware of the punk scene in Rochester, then we attended a rot-core show at boulder coffee which kind of got us initiated in the scene. Since then we branched out and have met a ton of other bands in the local scene.

Our goal is to bring as many people as we can back into the scene. A lot of people are really narrow minded both inside and outside the scene. You have some hardcore punks who don’t want anyone else in the scene, and then you have people who want nothing to do with the music. We want to have people realize that the whole atmosphere is about having all of your friends and basically having a party.

It should be fun and it should be a community.

Do you have a favorite place to play?

The Meat Grinder by far; we really want to play the Flying Squirrel in the future.

How did you get into Fight MD?

Collin is Nathan Davenport’s roommate.  Watch Your Step’s base player has muscular dystrophy and we really wanted to help a good cause. We’ve been supporting the compilation album, which has 17 bands on it, and of course the actual show which has five great bands coming out to play.

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