Fight MD: Nathan Davenport

Fight MD: Nathan Davenport

For the last Fight MD article we met with Nathan Davenport, guitarist and vocals for “Watch Your Step!” and owner of Nasty Records. He began this charity event and was the man to go to to talk about the local punk scene.

How did you first get into the punk scene?

I am 23 years old and have been in the punk scene pretty much my whole life. I started playing guitar with my current bassist in a hardcore punk band that no one ever heard of called Protest Company when I was like 14 or something. From there we played a few house shows and some at the penny arcade but nothing too much. I played in various bands with friends here and there as well. I then decided to join the army when i was 17 as I was lost in what Ii wanted to do with my life and hated working shitty cashier jobs.  I was out of the music scene of Rochester awhile and ended up joining another band in Colorado that no one ever heard of called From The Bottom. Played a bunch of gigs and then i got out of the service, that band broke up and I moved back into Rochester in 2010

When did nasty records start?

Nasty Records started this year around June and since then I have released 2 releases and about to release a third. It is my goal of Nasty Records to promote and distribute local music and help bands get the attention they need as well as make sure most of the profits go back to the artist.

What inspired you to do Fight MD?

My bassist was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy last year (he has had it his whole life but wasn’t officially diagnosed) I wanted to do a benefit to help him in any way i could as well as others with the disease. I have seen it first-hand how it affects people and wanted to raise awareness as most people do not understand how serious the disease is.

Even though this charity comes from heavier music do you think punks still get a bad rep?

How could we nobody even knows what punk rock is anymore!

What do you think of the Rochester music scene as a whole?

Rochester’s music scene to me has always been pretty good. As far as punk rock goes, the only shows i ever knew of were rot-core shows and then out of nowhere Casey Sanders started book it Rochester and he is doing some amazing things for the scene. I still hang out at a rot-core show from time to time but the majority of the attitudes (were more punk than you) has turned me away from it. I think people need to drop the attitudes.

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