Music Spotlight: Bongslave

Music Spotlight: Bongslave

Starting off this week we interview Bongslave, a thrash punk trio that has frequented Bug Jar’s Hardcore Sundays and the basement venue the Meatgrinder and has been building a following. We caught them right before their performance at the Meatgrinder for a quick interview.

How did the band get started?

Eric: I had jammed with Dustin before and we had always clicked musically. He called me up one day and asked if I wanted to be the drummer for this band. Our first show was when I met Tim and the original lead singer player, Zach, we were an improv band at first.

Dustin:  So Eric and I had jammed together a lot with Tim, who was playing keys at the time, and now will probably be doing vocals. The idea for a bassist came into the picture and Eric suggested Drake, so we hit him up.

Drake:  I kind of asked; I porked my way in . Luckily they aren’t regretting letting me in.

So why the name “Bong Slave”?

Dustin: It started with me and my good friend Tim. He and I were hanging out at our friend’s apartment, taking hits off the gravity bong; so we are sitting there on our knees, high on a gravity bong and he said “Its like we are slaves to the bong. I was like “Bongslave!” and the idea came to be to start the band.

What kind of music influences your band?

Eric: “Creator”, which is my favorite thrasher metal band. Stoner bands like “I Hate God”, and “Electric Wizard”.

Dustin: I personally take influence from a lot of thrash metal and a lot of crusty stuff. I am really into “Distopia” and “Municipal Waste” and “Slayer”.

Drake: I started off with original eighties hair metal bands, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, when I was younger. Now I listen to more stoner metal now, “I Hate God”, “Black Pyraminds”, and “Battery”.

Any projects in the works?

Dustin: We just plan on recording a demo soon. Four or Five tracks that are real good quality. We are taking it day by day.

Drake: We all just kind of just write. One of us will write a song, and the others just know what to put into it to complete it.

Do you guys have any tours in the works?

Dustin: We have been pondering possibly putting a tour out this summer. Branch out to other part of new york and maybe Pennsylvania on the weekends. A weekend assault tour. We are still in the process of contacting venues and getting the work out.

How did the Meat Grinder get started?

Eric: That was actually more our friend Adam’s doing.

Adam (Cameo): We moved in and discovered the basement was real bomb, so we started doing show. Its been going on for about a year. The first bands that played were Condition Oakland and Arts and Giraffes.


Bongslave plays next at Monty’s Krown on November 18th. BE there and be served a Grilled Cheese of Death!

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