Music Spotlight: The Dads

Music Spotlight: The Dads

We caught up with The Dads, A local band, whose genre is real hard to pin down.

One minute the music is filled with heavy punk break downs, the next minute the music gets an indie-pop feel. No matter what you classify the band as, people from all genres will tell you this band has talent.

How did The Dads get started?

Greg: Dave and I worked together after college.

Dave: Yea, we had a shitty job right out of college. Greg and I were the only people who liked each other; so we got close, too close. Greg showed me a demo that Brady made, which would later evolve into the beginning of Dads music.

Brady: Greg and I know each other from RIT; we used to play music together. Laura and Dave were old friends.

Laura: More like chums.

So how long have you guys been playing together?

Laura: Two years. Halloween was our two year anniversary.

Where have you played in Rochester so far?

Laura: We play in the Bug Jar all of the time.

Greg: Every once in a while we play in Buffalo, and we just played at the Meatgrinder for the first time.

Any new projects in the works?

Brady: We have an Album and one EP out so far. We just recorded eight new songs that we haven’t decided what we are going to do with yet.

Dave: You can get all of our stuff off of our Bandcamp page.

What do you think of the current music scene in Rochester?

Dave: A lot of hardcore.

Greg: There are a bunch of good bands around. Attica Basement needs more exposure. Sports is also doing well.

Laura: We fit in with different genres so we end up playing with different types of bands.

Brady: There is a good group of talent here. People who are involved pay attention, those who aren’t, don’t. It’s a pretty inclusive scene and it can be hard to bring people into it.

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  1. jimbro says:

    it’s actually “attic abasement”. but sweet interview dudes. you guys ruuuuule <3s forever

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