Music Spotlight: The Steakouts

Music Spotlight: The Steakouts

This music spotlight we got to meet up with Mike and Dan from The Steakouts after they preformed at the Flying Squirrel last month. The Steakouts are a band that plays ska the way it was meant to be played while mocking what ska has become. Enjoy.

How did the band get started?

Dan: Pat  and I used to go to school together. We were in marching band together, and one day he asked me if I wanted to be in a ska band. I said ‘why not’ thinking I was joining an already established band; not the case. The band had never played together before, we didn’t even have a drummer yet in the beginging.

Mike: We started playing about a year and a half ago. Since then we released our EP called “The Big Misteak”, and had our release party at the Fly Squirrel a while back.

How did you get the name “The Steakouts”?

Mike: I think there is some controversy on this. But I know Dan’s idea was flatly rejected.

Dan: I wanted to call the band “Teddy and The Tumors”, since it was right after Ted Kennedy died. That wouldn’t have been the best idea.

So do you play mainly in Rochester?

Dan: We’ve played about fifty shows in the last year and a half, mostly in Rochester and Buffalo.

Mike: We have played every venue in town, except for the armory. Lately we have been playing around Buffalo.

You guys mentioned that you have a reputation for being hooligans how did that start?

Dan: Maybe the rest of the band does, somehow I don’t.

Mike: It really not that big of a deal. We have some songs that allude to drinking, but who doesn’t. I think it may have stemmed from a Toasters show, a couple of the guys went to Dubland Underground in June. We got hammered and made asses of ourselves in the mosh pit. We just had too good of a time.

You toured a while back, how did that go?

Dan: We had a nine day tour last year. We played in eight different cities and five states. I was pretty successful, everywhere we went people were pretty stoked to come out.

Mike: we didn’t kill each other so I consider it a success. Six guys with two cars, one with just filled with gear. It was a tight squeeze and we all smelled god awful by the end of it.

Dan: We had a lot of fun and that was the most important thing.

Planning any new tours?

Mike: We want to tour next summer. We are all graduating soon so next summer will be our chance to just act immature one last time. Just have fun with it and see where it takes us.

Do you think Ska will ever be as popular as it once was?

Mike: People can dream but I don’t think it will as big as it was. What killed it was it kid of got flooded by too many bands. Everyone was trying to have the goofiest name, or the new gimmick.  We like to make fun of the fact that ska isn’t as popular as it was and that [the genre] is dying off. We dig it though; its fun and we can do so much with it. We just kind of act goofy, get drunk, and have a good time.

Dan: It turned into who could get the next one hit wonder. It got too old too quick. The people who love it have a real passion for the music.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene?

Mike: There is a big following in Rochester, and shows are getting bigger and bigger, especially when Casey Sanders puts the shows on. There are a bunch of ska bands in the local area.

Dan: It’s a good area, there are a ton of bars and venues and everyone seems excited to come out and see people play.  A lot of the biggest fans are fellow musicians; everyone really supports each other, which is nice.

Any new projects?

Dan: We are planning to record some new songs, it will either be a full album or an EP; we haven’t decided which yet.

Mike: Hopefully the quality will be better, we kid of rushed the first one so we want to get this one right.

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