Greg Caggiano, Lighthouse Tattoo

Greg Caggiano, Lighthouse Tattoo

I didn’t know what I was to expect walking up to Greg Caggiano’s studio in the Hungerford Building. I had only met him briefly during The Dads interview, and the only art work I had seen by him was the album cover of the “Sick Sick Sick” Ep. When I reached his studio door, painted with animal skulls, I assumed it was a studio with a few canvases and projects. What I walked into, was “Lighthouse Tattoo”, Greg’s personal Tattoo studio.

The Room was covered from wall to ceiling with artwork, mostly done by Greg, but what caught my eye was the tattoo station in the very center. “I’ve been tattooing since 2009” Greg explains, “I started off apprenticing at different shops and hated it. I didn’t like the clients and they shops wouldn’t let me do my weird art. After I left apprenticing I began tattooing people in my living room and eventually set up shop here.”

His art is unique, a mixture of animals, people, sex, and things that go bump in the night. His studio has become a safe haven for fringe art, and was the location for “The Gun Show” a showcase of artwork that had been banned from The Gisele Gallery at RIT for containing guns and questionable material. The next show is called “The Cat Show” which Greg simply described as “just like The Gun Show, but with cats.”

Greg was happy to show me his sketch books, covering a range of material. “This lady right here was the fattest person to come into the shop I was apprenticing at” he says pointing out one of his drawings “ She had this extra alien like head thing coming out the back of her neck because she was so fat, plus she smelled awful.” Each page seemed to have a different story. Many of his drawing ended up as his own tattoos which he tattooed himself.  Greg is also an avid taxidermy collector; several stuffed deer heads littered the studio with the rest of his collection of various animals in his apartment.

All in all, Greg has the Tattooist wet dream, set up in his studio. He skips the simpletons looking for cheap, unoriginal tattoos, instead tattooing his friends and people who want something special in a tattoo. There is no need to mask his weird, line heavy style, because that is what draws most people to his work. I certainly dug his style and although I am tattoo-less now, Greg would be the first one I would call when I decide on my first tattoo.



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