Music Spotlight: Suit Em Up!

Music Spotlight: Suit Em Up!

We caught up with Suit Em Up, right after they preformed with friends of the site, Keaton. They put on a great show, mixing heavier break downs with a very pop punk sounds and lyrics. Plus I support any band that names songs after Star Wars Creatures. Enjoy.

How did the band get started?

Dan: There is a lot of back story to that. “Suitemup” was originally “Free For All” which was originally was me, Donald, and two other old members. We did it for our eleventh grade talent show….

Don: That’s too much back story; basically the four of us started in august 2011. We have a whole bunch of songs from previous bands, but now we are writing new songs that define this band.

Dan: We now have two metal heads in the band so our sound is going from average 90’s pop punk to heavier break downs.

Nick: We put our own spin on songs that were written previously. Now there are two guitars as opposed to the last band that just had one, plus three of us do vocals so we have a chance to mess around with how the older songs are played.

So you all have been in other bands before this?

Dan: yea, between the band Donald and I were in and

Nick: I’ve been in a number of metal and hardcore bands.

Christian: I was in a hardcore band before this.

Nick: We all pretty much have the same common ground. All of our music comes together because we love pop punk.

What do you think of the music scene of Rochester?

Nick: I promote music around Rochester. I’m a stage manager at The Armory, so I have been a bunch of great local bands, and a bunch of shitty local bands. I have been doing this since I was thirteen so I have watched bands grow out of nothing. I think the scene has a lot of great talent.

Dan: It’s really coming back to pop punk.

Nick: Pop punk is coming back and the nu-metal scene is getting real big. I feel like some of the hardcore scene has died out, which sucks because I grew up on that scene. I must have seen a hundred shows at the Penny Arcade.

It’s a shame the Penny Arcade Shut Down

Don: Right! Dan and I must have played there half a dozen times when it was open.

Christian: I never went to Penny Arcade….

Dan: We will open up the arcade just so you can go man.

Do you have any projects in the works?

Dan: We just released “Fun with Rancors”

Nick: Jake from “A Thousand Shades of Cold” offered to record the song. We have been friends for a long time and the song turned out great.

Don: For our previous work we went to acme studios to record our music. They are legit and our music turned out great when we recorded there. But what Jake is doing is on par or better than their set up, and he didn’t charge us nearly as much.

Nick: I would recommend him for any start up band that wants to put something out for a few hundred.

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