Local Music Video Breakdown

I have been waiting for this video to be release since I heard it was in the works. Directed and edited by Philip Night, the video really compliments the music.  The treasure hunt theme along with Mikaela’s harp really feels like your being sucked into a fairy tale dream.

The Demos love anything retro, and this video really gives you a feel like you’ve been flung back to a time where music was rawer and everything was D.I.Y. That alone makes this video a classic. (Plus Callan’s silhouette reminds me of a Bob Dylan cover… just saying.)

I’ve noticed that Suitemup! always wants their audience to sing along with them when they perform. What better way to prepare their fans to do just that by making a music video that is basically a sing along star wars style. It lets you know that if we were in a galaxy far far away, the Suitemup! crew would just be poking a sleeping rancor with a stick.

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Side note: The Results, please come up with a video for “Kill My Girl”



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  1. John Markison says:

    Needs more Mikaela Davis and Philip Night!!

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