Mikaela Davis and Philip Night

Mikaela Davis and Philip Night

This week I met with Mikaela Davis and Philip Night at my dive bar of choice, The Bayside, in Webster. We discussed Mikaela’s new music video and upcoming album over some bar food and fish fry. Enjoy.

How did you two start working together?

Mikaela: He wanted to do a music video for my boyfriend’s band, The Absolutes, but he could never get them all together at the same time. I would always tagged along when they met to talk, and eventually he approached me to do the video for “Dreaming”.

When coming up with the video did you already have the song “Dreaming” in mind?

Philip: I first heard Mikaela play last August and that was the song that stuck out. There are many songs that are good, but only a few songs inspire a cinematic moment of clarity when you listen to it. When I heard “Dreaming” I immediately had pictures going through my head.

How long were you recording for?

Mikaela: Hardcore for about four days, then we did two short re-shoot days; Well one re-shoot day and another day that was only about thirty-five minutes.

Philip: Total it was about a five-day shoot, technically five, half days. A full day in the industry would be twelve-hour days, but we did eight-hour days. Then we had a short re-shoot day where I got one scene that we missed before…that we didn’t even use.

Mikaela: Was that the scene with the map?

Philip: Yea, we never used the scene from the make-up day, but I would rather have more footage to work with than not enough. I like to have five angles of everything.

Mikaela: More like thirty angles of everything.

When we talked before, you mentioned you lost a camera during the shoot; How did that happen?

Philip: I didn’t lose a camera, just a lense; it fell into a stream, but we just couldn’t find it.

Mikaela: He went down to look for it, but you really couldn’t see anything.

Philip: It was dark and under the bridge. I ended up getting a bruise by my arm trying to get it back. Tragic, but luckily losing the lens didn’t take away from the shoot.

How many songs on the new album?

Mikaela: Thirteen. It was originally going to be twelve but my newer song, “I’m Just Trying To Be Your Friend,” was included on the album last minute. Brian Moore (Red Booth Studios) thought that song was a cover I did at shows. When he found out that I wrote it he had me come in and record it for the album.

So you used Kickstarter to fund the new album, it seemed really successful.

Mikaela: The Kickstarter was really successful; I got a ton of support. We raised about $2,800. Most of the money was used to finish the album; the rest if for travel expenses for touring and creating the posters and CD’s.

How is recording at Red Booth Studios?

Mikaela: Wonderful! Brian makes everything very comfortable. There are three rooms there just for Star Wars figures because he’s a huge Star Wars fan. One room is packed with action figures. Brian is really nice and is great to work with.

So what are your plans when the album and video are done?

Mikaela:  I want to go on tour over the summer. I want to hit up everywhere from New York to Chicago, then hopefully go to Toronto. After the tour, I want to start recording another album or EP.

Phillip: That’s a good question. I am doing a lot of screen writing right now. As far a film projects go I have read a bunch of screen plays and I really want to do a short film.  Back in high school I did all short films and I would like to start doing them again.

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