Endangered Youth Furtherance Interveiw

Endangered Youth Furtherance Interveiw

This Week we get the chance to talk to Endangered Youth about their upcoming album “Furtherance”.  The Album Release show will be February 25th at the Monroe Vineyard Commnity Art Space.
How has the band evolved since “Stand Your Ground” and the “Splitter” EP with Condition Oakland and Kaleidoscope?

Stephen: I feel like our sound has really come together in the past year. Eric has brought a lot to the table; he really thinks out of the box and makes the rest of us do the same.  The music and the lyrics have been written and produced better.

Eric: I don’t want to take all of the credit for the band performing better. I have learned just as much from the rest of them as they have from me. Just playing together for the last seven months has really allowed all of us to improve and learn to play well together and to grow.

Adam: None of us were really to happy with the last two EPs; We didn’t play as well as we wanted to on “Stand Your Ground” and although we played better on the “Splitter” compilation and it was great to work with Condition Oakland and Kaleidoscope, the sound quality wasn’t there.

John: I think we found the perfect mixture of music and noise on this album where the last few recordings of us were more noise.

Where did you record the album?

Eric: We recorded most of the album in my friend, Matt Oyer’s recording studio in his basement. He calls it “Udio Studio”. The drums we had to record at the Monroe Vineyard Community Art Space because we didn’t have enough room in the basement.

John: Matt’s mom wasn’t too thrilled when we were recording Adams vocals in the basement. Luckily the vocals went real well so it was only a few hours of screaming.

Stephen: We are planning on having three hundred CD’s ready in time for the release. These will have full album art, and a pamphlet to go along with it. I hope people will appreciate the amount of work that goes into a D.I.Y. CD, because it is a ton of work. Afterwards, I think we are going to stick with just a CD in a sleeve with the album art, so get the first three hundred while you can.

Adam: We are planning on doing cassettes, too. There will be some bonus tracks on the cassettes when we put them out.  Some older tracks from some Meatgrinder shows that we haven’t released yet.

Who designed the album art?

Stephen: I came up with the album cover. I kept coming up with new covers as the album progressed. I had to stop and wait for the album to be complete before I could come up with a design that fit.z

Do you have a tour in mind following the release?

John: We’re supposed to have a tour but it turned into just a weekend tour the 25th to the 27th of this month. With all of the work we have been doing for the album we haven’t had time to plan a tour.

Adam: Once the record is finished we will have more time to plan an actual tour. We have planned on doing a short tour in August with Condition Oakland.

Stephen: We do have six shows lined up for February and March. Once the album is released we can focus on booking more shows.

The Album Release show will be February 25th at the Monroe Vineyard Commnity Art Space. Info Here

Check out some exclusive footage of Endangered Youth preforming a new song:  HERE



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