Music Spotlight: The Emersons

Music Spotlight: The Emersons

An interview with The Emersons went much like I expected it to go. It was done right after a show, everyone had been drinking heavily, only half the band actually showed up, and the actual interview was interrupted every few minutes by drunken friends and fans.

That being said it was a great time, and turned into a solid interview with one of the most well known punk bands in Rochester. Enjoy.

How did this debacle of a band get started?

Eric: This line up was kind of built over time. Brian and Erin started a long long long time ago.  I’ve been around for 11 or 12 years. Kevin, our bass player, has been playing with us for about 4 years.  We just all have been really solid, it’s a great group and we have fun.

Brian:  The thing about The Emersons is we are mainly about friendship, instead of music; which you can tell clearly by listening us.

Eric: We don’t make any money doing this. Co-workers will ask me why I’m still playing music if I’m not making any money from it. It’s like a bowling league, we hang out a couple nights a week, instead of playing softball, or bowling, we play music.

Where did the logo of a guy puking drugs into a skull come from?

Eric: Dawn from Lucky Lotus, she’s awesome and it’s a phenomenal drawing. Plus it was done for free. So that made it even better.

Brian: Paul (HTB Press) hooked us up with some nice tee-shirts, where the vomit glows in the dark. That’s the selling point of the shirt as far as I’m concerned.

Have you guys done any big tours since the band started?

Eric:   We never really “tour”, we do small weekend tours and shit. We are all adults; we all have jobs, marriages, kids, and real life. Taking a few weeks off and hanging out and traveling would be great but the logistics of it make it hard.

Brian:  If we could not be responsible, and not pay rent, and not pay mortgages, and stuff like that maybe we could go on a real tour. We would all have to take off work at the same time, and save up some money. It’s hard and unlikely.

Why do you stay in Rochester?

Eric: We are all from here, we grew up here. Its fun to talk about moving to someplace else, but I don’t think I would actually do it.

Brian: Besides that, [Monty’s Krown] is like 5 feet from my house. We are the house band here. Occasionally we will play somewhere else. We will play Montage, The Bug Jar, and occasionally Dubland. This bar is like our home.

You guys have played with bands from both the Rot Core punks to the newer bands in Rochester, do you notice a divide?

Eric: Without a doubt. I’ll tell you what, I love playing house shows, playing for all ages and stuff. But I never feel older when I am playing for 15 or 16 year old kids.

Brian: When you realize biologically you could have had some of these children. The band has been around for longer than some of the kids at the shows. Every time I see these kids I think “When’s the first time I ejaculated?” and then I realize I could have kids that are 7 or 8 years older than the kids in the crowd.

Eric: It’s a weird creepy feeling. Brian shouldn’t talk about ejaculating anymore. Anyway… All age shows are awesome, and it is fun, but its playing for people that just haven’t been around the city before. I’d rather just play at a bar.

You guys are known for wild shows, does any show stick out as the craziest?

Eric: We played this place in Cleveland called the spit fire saloon. There was a chicken wire fence around the stage, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to play there. They have a beer bottle cannon too.  It’s basically a bike wheel and a crank, you just stick you empty bottle in there and (Whistles) there is goes.

Brian: all throughout the night you here glass breaking. You start to look around for someone who dropped their glass and suddenly you realize they are launching beer bottles out of a contraption. They used to have a half pipe installed in the bar too but that was torn out before we played there.

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  1. Joey Bones says:

    “It was a chicken wire fence around the stage, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to play there.” -FUCK YEAH!!!

  2. Sarah Flick says:

    Monty’s Krown LOVES our “house band”. Thanks for the shouty BEEBS! _FLICK

  3. That pukeing guy is awesome… great interview

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