The Cat Show

The first Friday of every month the artists at the Hungerford Building open up there doors, creating a large art show for the public to enjoy. This April, while the rest of the building was serving up fancy cheese and wine, Greg Caggiano and Joanna Eberts filled a sink with Genny Light and hosted the long awaited Cat Show.

I heard about the Cat Show during my interview with Greg about Lighthouse Tattoo a while back. The show is a follow up to a controversial art show that hosted artwork banned from R.I.T. because of its vulgar or suggestive content. The show was simply called The Gun Show. At the time when I asked Geg what the Cat Show was about he simple said “The Gun Show, but with Cats.”

The show far surpassed that simple description, hosting several different types of media, from sculptures to paintings all based around our feline friends. Check out the pictures below:



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