Music Spotlight: Holly Kluge

Music Spotlight: Holly Kluge

Holly Kluge is a singer songwriter out of Penfield NY. Her particular sound is difficult to pin down, with jazz undertones in one song, folk in the next.  Before the interview I found that she is balancing the new album release with a newborn son. We were finally able to meet us and talk about the new record, her inspiration, and singing to her baby.

 When did you first start singing and playing music?

Since I was very little, making songs up while on the swing outside when I was five, but when I really started when I was nine. I started playing percussion in school and learning to play guitar at home. Around then I started writing songs as well. I have always been really into music, and I have done a lot of music inside of my church.

So you taught yourself guitar?

 My dad taught me a few chords when I was little. After that I picked some up by reading books, and learning power chords from my cousin. I just combined everything I learned over the years.

What other instruments do you play?

Percussion and guitar were my main instruments. I was the main drummer for the jazz and the choir in high school. I play little bits of piano and other instruments, but nothing as well as guitar and drums.

 What inspired you to start writing and playing your own music?

A lot of it was for fun and a creative outlet. I also used it as a way to process what was going on in life. When I got a little bit older, and started going through difficult parts of my life I used music to get through it.

 You actually have previously released a live album, ‘Same Story’. How is this album different from your live one?

 Same story I made just before I got married. Many of those songs I had written through college. A few others were for my church. The college years you’re just figuring out life and the songs reflect that. Not that I have everything figured out now, but my perspective has changed.

This new album is more lighthearted. It has been a different season of life for me. There is a song called ‘Happy Little Things’ on my album that reflects that. I used to work at Panera Bread, and seeing so many people throughout the day I noticed that many of them just seemed unhappy. We have so much to be happy for and so many little things that make us happy, you wonder why people so miserable; that song is a reminder of that.


How was recording and finishing the album while pregnant?

It was challenging. I started the album last march, after working for a few weeks on it I took the summer off because I was exhausted. People say you have baby brain when you are pregnant and it is true. You just sort of forget things and it is hard to focus.

It was very exciting finishing the album; my goal was to get everything done before the baby came. I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish it after the baby was born. I did finish the album and I got the final copy of the album only a few days before having my baby.

 Do you find yourself singing to your son now?

 Yes! I took a break from listening and singing the album though. I think he has heard enough from the album while I was recording. I do sing to him though, he seems to like it.

What are your plans now that the CD is done?

 I don’t know. I don’t see myself traveling and doing a bunch of shows. That is not going to happen with me being a mom. But I hope that the album gets into the public view just so people can hear the music. I played at Kingdom Bound, a Christian music festival, last year. It is not official but it looks like I will be playing that again. I still play for my church as well, the Bethel Christian Fellowship. I play other churches and at the Flower City Work camp.

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