Music Spotlight: Envious Disguise

Music Spotlight: Envious Disguise


I recently met up with Envious Disguise, A skate punk band that has been making the music scene their bitch since they began seven months ago. I met up at their practice spot to talk about how they got their name, what its like recording an Ep themselves, and why you should only take Gilboe’s Ideas at face value. Enjoy.

How did Envious Disguise get started?

Nick: Kyle and I sat in my room and drank beer; I had an acoustic bass and he had an acoustic guitar so we started playing covers. We got bored of playing covers so we started writing our own music. Then, we got bored of playing up in my room, so we called Dom and got a drummer.

 Kyle: It all just fell together nicely.

 Dom: One day I was at a bowling alley and I got a text from a number I didn’t know asking if I wanted to be in a band. I found out it was Nick Gilboe, and just said ‘Word, lets do this.’

Where did the name of the band come from?

 Kyle: It kind of portrays who we are. People can take it for what it is but what we really mean by it is that we have all had our hard times, but we portray a side that’s nice, fun loving and care free, and that is our disguise. We have our troubles, but that is what the music is about, having troubles and getting over it. Looking on the brighter side of things; When you see the mustache and glasses, its funny, and that’s what we want to be, funny.

 Nick: People look at me and I am generally a very happy guy, but I have gone through my fair share of shit. Some people can be envious of my disguise because based on when I have gone through I can still be this happy.

 Kyle: Its almost like being a role model. Some people do look up to us and care about what we do. We do all of this for fun, and sometimes its hard to put up this front and to be a positive role model.

 Dom: I am just turning eighteen, I pretty mush look up to these guys. These are the guys I have been looking up to for the past nine months.

 Kyle:  We are all like brothers.

You guys have a new EP coming out, how is the recording going?

 Kyle: We have our work cut out for us; we have basically been fucking around for the last few months.

 Nick: We have been recording this EP for the last three months and we have squat to show for it. It has been all D.I.Y; we have been recording at Dom’s house. It has been a learning process and from day one until now our sound is completely different. We have learned new things with recording and how to make it sound better. When I say we have squat to show for it, it’s not because we haven’t been doing anything. It is because we have been learning things to make our end product better.

 Kyle: As close to we can get without going to a studio. We have everything we need here and there is no need to spend $500, to end up with the same EP.

Dom: We have been a band for seven months now. We aren’t looking to break big ground and drop an album now when we aren’t ready. We already have bigger ideas for a full album.

Nick: I originally didn’t want to drop an EP at first.

Why not?

 Nick: I wanted to drop a full album, a sixteen song album right off the bat.

Dom: We pulled him a side and said ‘Gilboe… we got to have a talk’.

Nick: That’s how this band works. I might have a good idea from time to time. But usually Kyle and Dom have a great idea and I shoot it down right off the bat.  Then we just end up doing their idea anyway, usually for the better.

You guys have seemed to grow a big following for just being around for seven months.

 Kyle:  It’s crazy to think that its only been seven months. It has been a whirlwind. We practiced for two months before playing our first show. March 3rd was our very first show at the House of Guitars.

Dom: The House of Guitars was insane. There was a crowd as far as the eye could see. Not just friends and family showed up.

Nick: We did have the advantage of being from Irondequoit, so we could draw a big local crowd. But there were faces that we didn’t recognized, which is always a good feeling. We took a “break” which was only about a week long. Since our first show we have been playing one to three shows a week, on top of recording and band practice.

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