Full for Five: Everything Iz Good

I haven’t had it all, but I believe any modest name. Everything  Iz Good, a Jamaican joint on the corner of Richmond and Main Street, downtown, bears the honor of the insomniac’ s first Full for Five and it’s not jerk chicken. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m starting this series with the corner store tenderloin, the bastard cousin of empanadas everywhere, the legendary, beef patty.

No more than a pocket of ground meat, the golden hue and exotic seasoning makes these cheap eats tantalizing to anyone who’s ever been flat broke.

But, stuffed with vegetables and cheese, packed in Canada and warmed by lamplight, the full flavor of beef patties is nothing to shake a handful of change at. Their deliciousness is only matched by their and affordability and convenience. Plus, Everything Iz Good does a version deserving the restaurant’s claim.

Throw in a soda and a second patty to find yourself Full for Five. I get the chicken over the beef, but that’s just me.

Also, since we’re talking about me, I go to Richmond’s bar on weekdays from 4 -7 for two dollar wells and drafts. (It’s across the street)

They’ve cleaned up their act after new management. So, it doesn’t smell like the bathrooms anymore. They also ditched the pool and bubble hockey, but it’s still a two story shotgun bar with a back patio and two fire places. It’s also less sketchy. Happy Friday.



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