Music Spotlight: Anchorage Nebraska

Music Spotlight: Anchorage Nebraska

Anchorage Nebraska wants you to know two things. One is that they smash things, second is that they dare you to play with them. In fact they dared me to interview them, and although no written interview could do this band justice, who am I to pass up a dare?

How did Anchorage Nebraska get started?

Dusty: The material we have now has been written for a few years. I played drums for fifteen years, with no singing experience. I had material written down for years but I didn’t have a line up. The current band has been around for about a year.  We have had a lot of members, especially drummers.

Mike: We just got a new drummer about two months ago. The band is sounding real good with him playing.

Do you have any plans for a new album?

Jerry: We have started recording new music last week.

Dusty: We have two albums worth of material already. One was a full album recorded with an old line up, the other is a compilation of demos that have been recorded with the band over the course of two years.

It is tough, everything is online these days and it’s free. We released 200 records, and we got rid of all of them, but it cost us money to do it. It’s like “here take this and throw it out for me”. Grunge.

I think I have heard the word grunge from you guys more than I have in my life. What’s the story on that?

Dusty: It’s kind of our thing and how we communicate. We say it for everything. There has been times where I send them a text that just says “Grunge 7pm” and they show up to play.

Mike: It is actually kind of sad that we know what it means

Jerry: It’s like the bat signal.

Well you have punk bands calling their lifestyle punk; grunge just needs to catch up. 

Mike: I have a problem with labeling things punk or grunge. Grunge is just Punk, which is just Rock, which is just Southern Blues, which is just chants and church music. At the end of the day everyone is just cavemen banging on rocks.

Jerry: I hate to be called punk, or classified as anything really.

Dusty: I think we are all in pop bands at this point. It’s hard to classify bands anymore.

Jerry: The Emerson’s make fun of that with their flyers. They describe themselves as Drunk, punk, Hardcore, Shark Rock or something random.

What do you think of the music Scene now?

Mike: Rochester is dead.

Dusty: I would think its dead. it’s good and turning itself around. But the whole music scene needs to lighten up about itself. And we all need to hang out.

Jerry: The scene is so spread out. It’s a ton of niches. There are some really good niches and pockets of music.

Mike: A lot of people will just go see the same five bands over and over.

Dusty: All of the genres need to come and play together, mostly play with us.  We dared Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad to play with us.

You dared them?

Dusty: Yea, we dare every Rochester band to play with us. We don’t want to play with just grunge bands; they are just too scared with a real band.

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They are playing June 17th at Endless Fest Detail Here





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