Music Spotlight: Cory Kesselring

Music Spotlight: Cory Kesselring

When did you get started playing music?

I actually really was interested in music since I was five years old. My uncle showed me the “Back to the Future” movie were Marty McFly plays “Johnny Be Good” and I wanted to play guitar. I started to learn when I was 16, my girlfriend at the time taught me how to read tabs and everything took off from there.

When did you start writing your own music?

I started writing my own original stuff right off the bat. Simple stuff, nothing great; my first songs I will never play because it was so awful. The stuff I am writing now is getting to the point where I want to release them.

Are you just a solo act, any plans to join a group?

I really wouldn’t know what to label myself, I am a solo guy but I love to jam with people. You bring your guitar places and people approach you who play guitar too and you just jam, I have met so many people like that.

I would like to play in a band, but I don’t think I could join somebody’s band that’s already established. I want to play my own style.  It’s hard to find a group of people that could connect musically, everyone has to have the same feel and style that you’re going for.

At the end of the day I just want to play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solo act or in a band, or where it is, I just want to play music.  There is nothing better in the world than picking up a guitar and singing.

Any plans to record?

I have a quick four song demo that I recorded a while back. Two are originals and two are covers.  I want to do some more writing before I record anything else.

Your first show was at the Meatgrinder, how was that?

I know Adam and John from work and they invited me to come and play. I have three rules before I play, I can’t eat, drink, or smoke at least an hour before I play. Of course I break all three of those rules when I played there. I still managed to play a good show there.

The Meatgrinder is always open to have people come out and play. It’s great that there is a spot where both new bands and experienced band share the same space.

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