Music Spotlight: Clockmen

Music Spotlight: Clockmen

I had the privilege of The Clockmen playing a show for my one year anniversary of the insomniac site.  They got a hold of me through the bug jar and I put them on the bill without listening to their music first. After hearing their fringe inspired punk I knew I made the right choice. I was able to catch up with them after the show for a quick interview. Enjoy.

How did The Clockmen get started?

Nick: We have been playing for many many many years in town. We all knew each other from other bands we were in.

John: I was on unemployment and had nothing to do. I started writing songs and I recruited Nick and Adam to play. We have been playing for about five or six years together.

You guys have a bunch of different styles to your songs, where do you get your influence from?

John: It’s a mix of the 1977’s punk scene mixed with the 1980’s hardcore scene.

Nick: I’d say the 1980’s stuff like the Minutemen, and Fugazi from the 90’s; Melvins too, sort of just weirder punk music.

John: We are influenced by the stuff you don’t normally hear on the radio. Stuff that doesn’t have a lot of rules, Fringe stuff; Butt Hole Surfers, Minutemen, everyday we are discovering old bands that I like.

What do you think of the Rochester Scene?

John: I have seen the ups and the downs of this scene. Every once in a while I see something that makes me really happy.

Nick: There is always something good.  You might not like the scene as a whole all of the time, but there is always something good to check out.

Do you have any up coming projects?

John: We are working on a new CD now; the concept is that it will be released with a comic book. Nick is drawing it, we have been writing lyrics and story line all as one.

Nick: It’s the three of us as characters. Sort of like a heist movie, but in comic book form.



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