Daytripper: A Religious Beginning

Daytripper: A Religious Beginning

I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but last week was Hill Cumorah Pageant. I thought I might get lucky and spot Mitt Romney, and you know; get a quick Insomniac Spot Light. I had no such luck but the journey did inspire a new segment; Day Tripper.

Unfortunately, due to my own procrastination, you missed the show. It’s O.K, it’s nothing new. The 75 year old tradition recounts the history of Mormonism up to Joseph Smith’s discovery of the invisible tablets. With 1500 cast and crew members acting out the prophet Lehi, to a pre-christ nautical voyage to the new world, to Jesus’ resurrection in America and eventually a war and diaspora of the people, it’s entertaining to say the least. But now that you know the story, you can make a trip to check out the abnormally steep hill that six million Americans, and maybe a future president, call Holy.

In fact, while you’re in the local Mecca mood, you should see the Fox Sisters’ house too, now residing in Lily Dale, NY. Their “rappings,” originally out of Hydesville, started Spiritualism and accounts for many of the psychics you see today. Through knocks, the Foxs spoke to the dead. Between fierce speculation and, spare the pun, a cult-like following, their fame spread as they educated “out-of-the-closet” mediums into the late 1800s. By the time the Sisters admitted that their talents were faked, Spiritualism had already taken the nation by storm.

Though one sister recanted her confession, the two died in poverty after being rejected by friends and family while their teachings lived on. So on your trip to Lilly Dale, a town of mediums, you probably shouldn’t say anything you’ve read here.

Finally, you should finish at the Rochester Zen Center, off East Avenue. It was the foreground of the mainstream Buddhist movement of the sixties, and still considered one of the best places to study in the nation. You can stay for free after a month of fees. One New Year’s Day a drunken student landed on my front porch. He drank all my absinthe, but that’s another story.

Spend a week learning or meet back next week, for a much more mysterious journey that starts on the corner; A trip to East Rochester on the 21.

-Meanwhile. If you’re still feeling unfulfilled, here’s a link to the RocWiki page for area religions. I’ve also heard that Cobbs Hill is a vortex, and our UFO sightings are on the rise. The truth is out there’?



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