Full For Five: Big Deal Pizzeria & Grill, Monroe Avenue

Everyone knows that pizza is cheap and filling. This is nothing new. In fact, Big Deal Pizzeria and Grill on Monroe Avenue isn’t that new either. Opening three years ago, the business brought a new super slice to a bar area in need of cheap eats, but that’s still not the big deal.

‘The Big Deal’ is their five dollar combo consisting of a massive slice, three garlic knots and a bottle of soda. None of that can scandal around there. But you say, “a twenty ounce isn’t a big deal, this full for five is as cheap as the premise!”

No, reader. This week is about the garlic knots. I’ve been on quest to find the best and my conclusion is that you just need to go where they get eaten. That is why I’ve made this week’s Full For Five a pizza shop that everyone should know about. That and the fact that the last three people I took there didn’t. Workers say that they go through sixty or more a day, that’s five an hour, but I think I got low balled. Either way, it means they’re fresh.

Big Deal is open till 4 AM nights on bar nights, (thursday, friday and saturday) so there isn’t an excuse to not get there. When you do, say the Insomniac sent you. They’ll have no idea what it means.



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