Juda Nevadomski

Juda Nevadomski

Juda Nevadomski has been displaying his artwork and performing in the East End of Rochester for over ten Years. He has worked with En Esch (Pigface, SlickIdiot) on his industrial project The Fragile Path. We met up with Juda to talk about his Art, Music, and his new guest of Honor spot in the latest Rochester Comic Con.

How long have you been into art?

I have been into art as a kid. I won a bunch of awards as a kid; I went into the New York State championship for art as well on a national level. I was also mentored by my art teacher for two years.

Is all your work based around a comic book style?

I generally call it comic book noir. I like to mix comic book style with a more movie noir light style and theme.

What made you start using the noir kind of style?

I generally gravitate towards dark, black and white things. I like the idea of drawing something very dark and shadow-like then adding a little bit of color that pops or almost seems out of place.

How did you become involved with the Comic Con?

I was at an art gallery premier at Pandaman toys. The person who ran Comic Con was there, talking to the owner of Pandaman. She mentioned that she needed a local guest of honor for this year’s Comic Con. I had a gallery exhibit tat Pandaman earlier that year and the owner pointed me out. I talked with the owners of comic con back and forth for awhile and after they saw my work I was invited to be apart of it.

How long have you been producing Fragile Path?

About 10 years, I did my first demo right out of high school. I sent it to En Esch, he asked me to meet him while I was in New York City, and he has been my mentor ever since.  We worked together quite a bit on the second and third album.

Where do you get your influence from?

My sound is very industrial. En Esch is KMFDM and Pigface, he is kind of one of the founding fathers of that style. KMFDM was by far one of my favorite bands in high school, So to meet up with him so early on and to become such good friends over the past ten years was incredible. He was kind of the name among names when I was a teenager.  To meet up with him so early on was a big deal and he has been so ridiculously supportive over the years.

How do you like the art scene in Rochester?

I am totally a home hermit, I don’t tend to leave the house that much. As far as clubs and bars I have no idea. A while back I set up at the Vertex gothic garage sale for the first time. A friend of mine is an artist and she has been part of that for years. That was fun I got to set up a booth with my music and some art to promote the Comic Con appearance.

Any new big project coming up?

I am way over do to do another album. My plan is to do Comic Con, buy a new computer, and start working on my next album.

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