An Early Full for Five for George and poor Thursdays

I’ve been thinking about George Thorogood lately. One, because I do love his roadhouse covers and, two, because I believe the blues artist is just a little too good at being down. So much so, that my drink(s) today of bourbon, scotch and beer would be too effective. And expensive. So, like most Thursdays theses days, I want cheap alcohol, a bar stool, and a few possibilities, re. a change from the middle agers at everyone’s neighborhood bar.

Thus, for a special Full for Five, here are some affordable local feeling bars where you’re bound to see someone. Because, if you do have the blues, misery loves company.

-Elixer, Clinton and Goodman
Their dollar PBR drafts everyday makes the corner bar a bright way to blow the lst of your paycheck. With some change you can play pool or the jukebox. Bet money that you don’t have and let your Thursday night run wild. Or, at least you’ll be running!

Rehab Lounge, Monroe at Edmonds
With five dollar pitchers and tables on Monroe, you can watch  the street fade along with your wallet! If you know anyone on Monroe, offer some pitcher and spin a tale. Their night will probably more eventful than yours, though staying for the special isn’t terrible either.

Colony Bar and Grill, South and Alexander
Colony’s “After Party in the Park”  special is deserving to be the new pregame hot spot for all your Thursday needs. Aside from $1.50 cheeseburgers (yes I snuck cheap food in), the $0.50 Bud Lite eight ounce drafts can start off any cheap night. You’ll find tha t Colony is surprisingly classy and social, with an outdoor patio, pool, beer pong tables and foosball. I’m sure you can elbow up to watch TV solo,  but here I’d recommend some friends. The indoor seating is comparable to Lux’s outdoors, so bring your change purse and fill a table.

Maybe with these specials Maybe you can pay back all the drinks you owe. Or you can just drink at home alone. That’s pretty blue.

George Thorogood And the Destroyers
Today, Thursday August 9
(the final) Party in the Park



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