Day Tripper: Buslines 21/22

Day Tripper: Buslines 21/22

Perhaps talking about bars all the time is starting to tap into readership, and livers. So today I bring you a meander out of the city, a day on the 22 (or 21/22 for Saturdays).

This bus to Fairport, $3.00 all day, is a solid day trip for all those tired of wandering the city. It has parks, it has food, the canal and general  time killing shops. Pick it up from the suburban port at Chestnut. It should come about every hour and a half at any stop.
Plan accordingly.

Main Attractions:

Fairport, end of the line
The canal town is solid place to kill two hours if civilization is still in your interest. With restaurants, boutiques and scenery, it’s a cute place for any date.

East Rochester
The 21 goes right down the main street of Rochester’s first, but distant, cousin. Consider the Philly Cheese Steak place and the estate sale store across the street.

Panorama Plaza (Penfield)
If it’s parks you dig, this river (creek) valley has a few. From linear park, maybe a  ten minute walk east,  the cold stream that circles around has a place for swimming, some shallow jumps and a funky cliff face that can be found from the abandoned Rinky Dink Mini Golf Course further up Linden Road. To, West, a now abandoned quarry that you’d never believe existed so close to the city. You can swim in the turquoise water, but do so at your own risk.

East Ave
If the wander hasn’t tired you out, the bus will still bring you back down East Avenue towards the city. I’m sure you should know how to have fun there.



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