Nasty Records

Nasty Records

This week I got a chance to speak to Nate Davenport from Nasty Records. Nasty Records is a non for profit project with the goal of empowering local artists and musicians by offering cheap recording and duplication. I first found out about Nasty Records after covering a charity show, Fight M.D. that Nate put on. This time we spoke about his new project with Young Audiences, his vision of the music scene, and recording local artist, Cory Kesselring.

How did Nasty Records get started?

The whole idea of Nasty Records started off a year ago. I wanted to start a punk rock label and sign bands, I got into it and realized how much money it would cost to run label properly and give the bands everything they needed.

Since then I turned it into a recording studio. I want to get to a point where I can offer a real cheap label for bands, with all proceeds going to just keeping Nasty Records going. When I was in a band you had to go to a real big recording studio and spend a ton of money to get any real quality.

It needs to be less of a business and more of an art. I want bands to come in and have fun, and have a good experience. These days no one buys music anymore, so it is kind of weird to have a band pay a ton of money for a record that they are going to put out for free anyway.

I think the record industry is going to reach a point where it could be a non for profit industry. If people find value in your work they are going to help keep it going, just like any other cause.

You just finished recording Cory Kesselring’s new CD, how did that go?

It was fun. When he first came in I had this whole idea of what his music was going to be. I had never heard his music before so to be honest I thought it was going to be very acoustic rock and mundane.

When he came in and started recording it was very folk punk, which was pretty fucking good.

I did a lot of creative mixing with his album, so I am pretty stoked about it. It was really exciting.

Do you have any new charity work coming out?

I am doing a new compilation for Young Audiences. As of now there is no show for it, but I may have a show for it to raise money for the cause. At least half of the proceeds will go to charity if not more.

If I do have a show for it, it will be a weird show. It is not just punk, there are a lot of new bands on it that most people haven’t heard. It is a good mix of local music.

What’s next for Nasty Records?

Project wise, I have a few ideas that I am kicking around. I am focusing on Cory’s album and the compilation right now so I don’t have a ton of time to focus on anything else. I want to put all my effort behind those two projects first.

Recording wise, I have been thinking about expanding into a full recording studio. Right now I transform my room into a recording studio. Right now it works well but I would like a physical recording studio that’s sound proofed and set up properly.

I want to create a place that is a recording studio, but also a place to hang out. Community based shop that helps brings local bands together.

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