Beer to Go

Beer to Go

Hollywood Wine and Spirits is a great liquor store on it’s own. The owner’s are chill, their selection is impressive, but they have something you might not know. Growlers.

Yes, you can get growlers at more places than most. Fancy gas stations, various grocery stores and breweries, but Hollywood is different. In addition to their sandwiches and deli, they have indoor seating, a back patio and pint glasses.

That’s what makes Hollywood a place sweet. If you’re like any normal drinker, you’ll find that one beer at the bar leads to another, and another leads to an empty wallet. Best part about this place is that you can either order a drink to drink there, or you can take it out with you.

Hollywood offers an opportunity to have a pint, a sandwich, a smoke and growler for the road as well as live music. If you go on Wednesday especially, you can go to the Monroe Farmer’s Market next door. Grab some booze to take home or grab a pint and enjoy the open jam, usually consisting of violins and Celtic vibes.



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