Full For Five: Taco in a Bag

The first time I heard of Taco in a Bag, I wasn’t sold. But the more I thought about it, I realized that I have never turned down anything taco flavored anything in my life. So this week I headed down to Cravings at 158 W Main St (a few blocks from Exchange) and gave it a shot.

It turned out to be great for a quick meal, which is what it was designed for. The owner created it for her kids to eat after lacrosse games as something good to eat, that wouldn’t cause a mess on the bus. So if you looking for a meal on the go the Taco in the Bag is perfect.
For the chips you can choose Fritos, Cheetos, tortilla chips, or from a few different types of Doritos, depending on how cheesy you want the meal to taste. (I’m stuck between Fritos or nacho Doritos) Between the T in AB and a soda, the whole meal costs you $4.50, which leaves you just enough change to grab a after lunch loosey from one of the corner stores down the street.

The only downside is that this isn’t the most filling full for five we have ever done. So if you have more than a Lincoln burning a hole in your pocket, I suggest getting one of their soups or sandwiches instead. Also, the place is only open until 2pm, so a $5 meal that seems like perfect drunk food, can only be enjoyed during daylight hours.



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