Gather Around For Some Culture

Gather Around For Some Culture

Listening to The Steakouts always makes me think of bricks going through my window in Buffalo, sweaty basements in Geneseo, large quantities of vodka, and waking up in the parking lot of a highway rest station on Easter Sunday. I can’t imagine why.

The Steakouts are a perfect example of what ska should be. The songs are about good times, girls, drinking, and unforgettable friends. The quick guitar and bass chords are backed by a solid horns section, and most importantly of all, they are just plain fun to see live. Their new EP “Gather Around For Some Culture” is no exception. I would like to pick out a single to talk about, but that would make me choose a favorite song.

The whole EP is a great addition to your playlist, perfect timing as well. Your going to need some ska music as summer ends and Rochester heads into 9 months of shit weather.

And yes. I would sleep with Miles Shadman.
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