Going to Hell: Highfalls District

Going to Hell: Highfalls District

You might not be aware of this, but Rochester is going to Hell; At least according to Bob Schlenker creator of christian conspiracy blog, The Open Scroll.  Since he grew up here, Bob Schlenker has spent a lot of time writing about this little city. Over 25 posts, 200 pages, dedicated to exposing the plans that Beelzebub has for upstate New York. As part of the uninformed masses, I am grateful for websites like The Open Scroll to help show me the light. In our new segment “Going to Hell” we explore some of my favorite reasons that Rochester is due to sink into the seventh layer of hell any day now.

We start our journey at the gateway to the Highfalls district. It is a fitting place to begin because for one it’s a gateway, much like the gateway the demonic free mason forces are trying to get you to pass through in order to steal your soul. Plus the place is called the High Falls district. Who fell from a high place? Lucifer of course! During his fall from heaven and the grace of god!

But those are just some of the obvious clues of demonic presence that have been woven into our city. Some are a little harder to spot to the untrained eye. Like these blue statues that are on either side of the gateway.  Those statues are a triple helix, a known sign of Free Masonry, and also a symbol of DNA, which is evil. Science is evil.

The slogan for the Highfalls district is also “Our Past is Your Future”, this with out a doubt shows that the demonic forces that run our city want everything to stay how it is, keeping us from reaching enlightenment, forever dooming us to our past. Could this be why the city one dumped large amount of funding into the Highfalls district? Was it all just to get more people to pass through the gates, forever damming our souls to a life time of Satan worship? Only time will tell.

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Stay tuned for our next installment of “Going to Hell” where we discuss the evil nature of our city’s symbol: The Lilac!



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