Noise, Vinyl, and Grinder Goo

Last week was the voice final release party.  Waves crashing piano chords released two of his long awaited split records a clear 5” done with Dirty Needle, and the 12” puke color vinyl split with Foot and Mouth Disease.

The release show was held at the Meat Grinder (where else?), and then a great local noise line up; Swallowing Bile, Foot and Mouth Disease, Waves Crashing Piano Chords, and Malaria, which I can only describe as skramz done right.

Download the Pictures HERE (Bottom download link)



One comment on “Noise, Vinyl, and Grinder Goo
  1. WCPC says:

    there’s copies of the 12″ split between WCPC and FAMD at needledrop records on Gregory, St. in Rochester

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