The Teenset Outsider

The Teenset Outsider

Before it became a city, Rochester was known as King’s Landing. Well if Rochester is a place for kings, Will from The Rochester Teenset Outsider is the court jester. His magazine is the perfect combination of entertainment, putting Rochester on the map, and pissing people off for the fun of it.

How did Teenset get going?

The real story is that there was a pizza shop burning down in Irondequoit off of Ridge road.  I went to go look at it and the police stopped me and said I could be past the lines to look at it. I saw a bunch of journalists standing on the other side of the line and thought “I’ll be back”

It’s kind of just a way to make all of my friends famous, and all of the people I think deserve to be famous. I want to put Rochester on the map, I stick to writing about Rochester and I send my magazine out everywhere. There are Teenset’s in Baltimore, Australia, Minnesota, all kinds of places.

Maximum Rock and Roll wrote “I want to come to Rochester and I want this guy to show me around”

We have done some crazy things. I went to the Gathering of the Juggalos for an article. I did some battling with the Occupy Rochester people. They are pretty serious people and I would have never gotten involved with them if I knew how they treated each other. They are even meaner with each other than anyone else, the meetings are just them yelling at each other.

What is the story behind that?

My friend Ian Decay was just bored. He is a pro wrestler so he is always get attention and do shit. It was just one bad day. He got this new video camera, so we spent the day walking around with it. We started off at the train tracks filming wrestler interviews as trains went by, we filmed this bum camp that was by the train tracks.

Then he says “Later today we are going down to Occupy Rochester, I got an idea.” He gets this mega phone and a boom box, and we go down there around midnight. He starts yelling through the mega phone “Please leave the park now” the boom box is playing ‘Wooly Bully’, we are just goofing off.

Everyone starts waking up and starts yelling at us. One of them hits Ian, the police come, and the whole night turns into a nightmare. We have the video up on YouTube.

Occupy really got mad at that. A bunch of people came to the Bug Jar when I was DJing and started throwing Teensets into the booth at me saying they didn’t want them anymore. Someone threatened to beat me and my girlfriend up; it was a huge debacle it was ridiculous. It was a great story though.

You always seem to be finding, or creating, the next big story.

Its all about publicity, something dramatic or exciting that people will want to read. Have you ever seen the news? It is a really good show, and it is all bad news. I just started watching it, it’s really crappily done. The footage is terrible, the reporters are idiots, they go around filming what happened that day, slap it together and is done with it. It’s a good show, its funny it makes my laugh.

The news is just designed to scare old ladies, and keep people watching. It’s a good business, and an interesting show.

Does Teenset have a set style or layout?

Each issue of Teenset is kind of different. Each one I am in a different persona; sometimes I am artist, sometimes, I am a businessman, sometimes I am a journalist, other I just want to be funny. Each one is a little different and if you read it you can figure out where I am coming from. Sometimes I am trying to make a point, other times I am an idiot.

What are some of the craziest articles that you have done?

Recently, I did an article about Buddy Budinski; he is a DJ Thursday nights at the Bug Jar.  He is a strictly computer DJ, no records or anything. I was fascinated by this kid, he has a funny name, and he is in charge of slut night, one of Bug Jar’s biggest nights. I always heard weird things about this kid so I did some research through other people, I never interviewed him. I found out he grew up on a far, so I went to the farm and took pictures of his pig. If I wasn’t a journalist it would be creepy, but since I am its ok.

People got really upset that I wrote this article. It is kind of funny and mean, but people were saying it wasn’t true. It was a pretty thought provoking, offensive article.

The Gathering of the Juggalos was one of my biggest articles.  It was terrifying, it was like Afghanistan mixed with high school. People there are crazy I thought I was going to die, for real.

A year ago I did a couch surfing issue, where I said at different peoples houses and wrote about different people. Every issue is a little different, as long as I can make myself laugh. If I can make myself laugh then I know I did a good job.

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