Full for Five: 999 Grocery and Deli

Full for Five: 999 Grocery and Deli

This week we send you to 999 Grocery and Deli on the corner of Gregory and S Clinton

999 is a hot spot for cheap fried chicken. Most people waiting in line at the deli, when I was there, were just there to grab some of that neon orange deliciousness. This Full for Five though focuses on the corner store’s burgers instead of the chicken. While the chicken is good, the burgers are an unknown treasure.

For $3.50 you can grab yourself either a single cheeseburger combo complete with a Faygo, and a bag of chips; or a double cheese burger.  Either one you choose, ask for everything on it. The burger comes loaded with tomatos, lettuce, hot peppers, and mayo all on a fresh roll.

The burger takes some time to prepare. So if there is a line, make sure to let people grab their ready to go chicken ahead of you. It will save you a lot of dirty looks.

Insomniac meal: double cheese burger with everything, and a Arizona Tea. Total: $4.50



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  1. wcpc says:

    Faaaaygooooo (every body sing!!) Send yo momma straight up to the sto! tell dat bitch to bring home a FAYGO

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