Going To Hell: The Lilac

Going To Hell: The Lilac

You might not be aware of this, but Rochester is going to Hell; At least according to Bob Schlenker creator of Christian Conspiracy website, TheOpenScroll.com.  As part of the uninformed masses, I am grateful for websites like The Open Scroll to help show me the light. In our new segment “Going to Hell” we explore some of my favorite reasons that Rochester is due to sink into the seventh layer of hell any day now.

This week we study a symbol that takes over the landscape of our city. A symbol that is found everywhere and marks Rochester as ground zero for the Apocolypse: The Lilac Flag.

Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be, the signs are clear. The lilac appears to be a five point star and a star represents angels. Any of you church goers familiar with the 2nd commandment knows that graven images of any thing in heaven are a sin. So every symbol of a star is a direct slight at God.

Plus the Lilac is a flower. Flowers are the part of a plant where reproduction takes place. The city might as well of posted screenshots of Back Door Sluts 9, it would have bene far less offensive than this flower. Add the fact that the symbol is basically a star looking flower makes the message clear: they demons in city hall want you to have sex with the devil!

One more observation that will make my argument so concrete that you could build a doomsday bunker underneath it; consider the letters being pointed to in the flag. If you notice three of the points are aligned with F. F is the 6th letter in the Alphabet. FFF = 666, the occult code for signaling to the beast.

With all of the evidence showing our role as Satan’s lapdog, you would be hardpressed to think otherwise. Your welcome for being enlightened

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Stay tuned for our next installment of “Going to Hell” where we talk about Rochester role as a fallen city of Babylon, and how our city consistently foretells the future. Feel free to share your stories of demonic possession in the comments below.



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