Going to Hell: Rochester is Babylon

Going to Hell: Rochester is Babylon

Bet you didn’t know, Rochester is the gateway to Hell. At least according to The Open Scroll, a Christian conspiracy blog run by Bob Schlenker, wing nut and hopeful candidate for the Bride of Christ position: Y’shua Hamashiach. As a part of the drooling uninformed masses, I praise the lord for every cult like leader who will show me the light. This week we become enlightened to Rochester connection to the Lost City of Babylon.

Well technically we aren’t Babylon, New York City is a source of pure evil and sin so they make up the Fallen City of the Empire State, but we are still pretty up there. Think of our city as Babylon Junior. Why we are in the running for the most sinful of fallen cities can be plainly seen in Revelation 17:1 and 18:3:

“I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters”

“For all nations have drunk the wine of wrath of her fortification, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies”

Isn’t the evidence clear? For those closed minded fools I will explain it to you. Rochester not only sits by Lake Ontario, but also sits by the Erie Canal, the Irondequoit Bay, and the Genesee River; far to many waters for one city to sit on before a god fearing man grows suspicious. We are the whore that sits on many waters!

As far as “All nations have drunk the wine of wrath and merchants are rich through abundance”, the Finger Lakes region, Rochester in particular, has been the heart of wine country in New York for decades, often shipping their sin juice across the globe. Our merchants once grew rich off of wine, wheat, and flour for years. How did they transport their wares? Using one of the many water ways of course! It’s all starting to make sense!

See the resemblance?

Last but not least, we touch on a word that creeps up in every revelation of this demon city: fortification.  Rochester is home to many indecent acts. Erotic arts festival and the infamous hookers on Lyell Ave. But if you need a true gauge of fornication consider this: Rochester’s Gay index is 161% the national average. How this city formed to the view of Babylon!

I hope this evidence is enough to show you the light, my sheep. Stay tuned for next week when We talk about how Rochester’s Free Masons foretell the future.

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