Going to Hell: Telling the Future

Going to Hell: Telling the Future

If you have been following our educational series “Going to Hell” you are aware that we live in a city for the damned, where Satan has dominion over our lives and where the gates of hell will open during the second coming. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re only about as enlightened as a 12 watt light bulb.

Thanks to Bob Schlenker and his website “The Open Scroll” we continue our education on just how fucked we are. This week we talk about how Lucifer, with help from the Free Masons use our landscape to predict the future.

That’s right, predict the future. Our city has been a corner stone in foretelling major events in our country. We start with a pivotal part of our city’s skyline, The Times Square Building. This building is also known as the Wings of Progress, mostly for the pagan like wings erupting from the top. Many think the nickname and design are a symbol of our city’s industrial past, but its true meaning is much more sinister.

The corner stone of the building was laid on October 29th 1929, the very day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Wings of Progress indeed!  The building also supposed to be a bank, and the building resides on the corner of Broad and Exchange Street. The Signs are clear!

If that wasn’t enough to show you the dark puppeteer that controls our city I have an even more evil example for you.  On September 11th 1979, a dark soul made its presence known in Rochester. Led Zeppelin played in the WAR Memorial on EXCHANGE Street, thirty years before the Twin Towers were hit.

Led Zeppelin, a band that uses images of an airship burning in the sky, played in a building dedicated to war in the financial district of our city. The signs could not be any clearer! Look at the track listings. They played ‘Immigrant Song’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ they even had the audacity to call the recorded set ‘Giants of the Sky’

The signs are there my brothers and sisters; all you have to do is open your eyes. Next week we enlighten you on the pagan demons of the airport.

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