Music Spotlight: Beard Without a Mustache

Music Spotlight: Beard Without a Mustache

This Music spotlight we talk with Beard Without a Mustache about a new lathe cut record, how the bad got started, and why they don’t have a mustache.

How did the band get started?

Sean – Mike and I started the band in two thousand and seven. Joe joined in 2011, and around that same time is when we stopped sucking.

Mike – This band has been very on and off again in it’s different incarnations throughout the years but it’s always felt like a completely new beast since Joe joined. That being said, he’s the least talented member.

Do you have any new projects/ tours in the works?

Sean- No, but we have a 6″ lathe-cut record that’ll be available at upcoming gigs. It’s a split with our brothers in Foot and Mouth Disease.

Joe- We do have some unrecorded material, some of which we’ve been playing live. Hopefully we can get another handful of songs around sooner than later and hit the studio again sometime in the not so distant future.

Do you have a favorite place to perform? 

Sean- Mc Jeff Brown’s basement in Cuba, NY. Any place where the crowd isn’t afraid to have fun honestly.

Joe- I’d probably have to say that I like playing the Bug Jar in Rochester the most. It’s a venue that I’ve always enjoyed seeing shows at, the small room makes for a fun, loud show.

Mike – Rock Fest.

What do you think of the Rochester Music scene?

Joe- Rochester has always had some great bands in metal/grind and still does. Lethargy, Kalibas, Sulaco, Psyopus, Abdicate, Burn Everything just to name a few; the list goes on… Some heavy hitters have come out of Rochester and there are many more to come. And there’s always been great support from fans, I’ve been to some crazy shows here haha.

Mike – It needs Psyopus back.

Do you think Metal and hardcore gets a bad rap in this city?

Sean- I, personally don’t listen to enough rap to make a comment.

Joe- No, not really that I’ve noticed. What shows I’ve been to have been nothing but positive so I don’t see any reason for it to get a bad rap. But it could and I may be oblivious to it, I’ve only been to a handful of shows as of late and I don’t live in the city.

Is it hard to have all that beard, but be void of a mustache?

Mike – Hitler had a mustache.
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