Monthly Round Up: Best of September

Monthly Round Up: Best of September

Taking a look back at some of our favorite articles of last month.

1. Occupy with Krause

Occupy has gotten a lot of heat in this city. It has been called a waste of time and resources. To talk just about the Occupy movement does little justice to the activism that took place before Washington Sq park was occupied, and the activism that still takes place in our city. In honor of the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street I met up with Josh Krause, a local activist, to talk about the legacy of the movement, the beginning and end of Occupy, and what is next for the city’s progressive culture.
2. Rochester Teenset Outsider

Before it became a city, Rochester was known as King’s Landing. Well if Rochester is a place for kings, Will from The Rochester Teenset Outsider is the court jester. His magazine is the perfect combination of entertainment, putting Rochester on the map, and pissing people off for the fun of it.

3.Police Misconduct with Davy V

This week we got a chance to talk with Davy V., an award winning filmmaker, writer, an activist from Rochester NY. Some of his most famous work is ‘RPD: Exposed!’, which uncovered the police brutality in our city. We met up at Mt. Hope Diner to discuss his first documentary, how he is treated by the RPD, and what we can do to help fix the problems in our city.

4. The Insomniac Visits Roc Con

5. Going to Hell Series

You might not be aware of this, but Rochester is going to Hell; At least according to Bob Schlenker creator of christian conspiracy blog, The Open Scroll.  As part of the uninformed masses, I am grateful for websites like The Open Scroll to help show me the light. In our new segment “Going to Hell” we explore some of my favorite reasons that Rochester is due to sink into the seventh layer of hell any day now.



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