Music Spotlight: :Pink Elephant

Music Spotlight: :Pink Elephant

For this music spotlight we met up with Pink elephant to talk about their different styles of music, the local scene, and their drink of choice when playing.

How did Pink Elephant get started?

Eric: I have known Nick for a number of years and I was playing in another band around down. I wanted to play with Nick; I liked his handle on noise. My old band is an alt-folk rock kind of band; I wanted to do something louder. I asked him to play and brought in my bass player and my drummer from our other band. We got together in February and we were gigging by March.

Do you have any new projects in the works?

Eric: We have a 3 song EP now; we are planning on a full length soon.

What are your influences?

Nick: I think of our sound is stoner rock meets DC hardcore stuff.

Eric: Our influences are kind of diverse. Our bass player grew up on metal but he is also classically trained. Marvin Gaye is his favorite thing in the world. I grew up a hippy jammer; Nick was always into punk rock.

Nick: We all bring our own sound and it comes together pretty well.

What do you think of the Rochester music scene?

Eric: I think the scene is awesome. We have a show October 12th, it’s the Trash Wave Review. Its not a label per say, but it’s a way to promote bands that we like in the city. It goes every three months at the Bug Jar here. It will be four local bands and one out of town band. We also are working with the out of town bands to gig swap later on. If anything we need more venues just to keep up with the amount of booking going on now.

Nick: It’s nice to be in a town where every other person you meet is in a band.

When you’re playing what’s your drink of choice?

Nick: Whiskey.

Eric: Yeah, cheap whiskey. You can’t drink the good stuff, t4hat will mellow you out. You need something that puts a fire in you.
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