CD Review: One Year Later…

CD Review: One Year Later…

Normally I hate writing reviews, I often feel like my opinion isn’t going to sway anyone into listening to anything. But recently I decided I needed to write a review because A. I run a blog about music and it seems expected of me and B. I’m addicted to this album and I never get addicted to acoustic albums.

Cory Kesselring is a local acoustic act that has been playing around since 2010. I first heard him about 6 months ago when he opened at Punk Rock Prom.  He recently released his first album “One Year Later…” last month. I usually enjoy listening to acoustic sessions live, Cory was no exception, but I find I lose interest when I listen to the same set recorded. The genre seems to lose its flavor when it isn’t live.

Because of my live bias, I was a little hesitant to click download when Cory released his album on Bandcamp. I didn’t want to ruin the soundtrack in my head. But I was surprised when I finally did listen to I, that the soul in his music wasn’t lost on the record. Cory has a delivery similar to Steven Page with a little bit more of a punk edge. Plus better because he isn’t Canadian.

His lyrics talk about depression, insecurities, and being hurt, which in all honestly would normally turn me off from an album. But the reason I keep coming back to “One Year Later” is that it doesn’t approach these topics in the typical emo I hate my life way. The overall message is more like ‘yea life sucks and will get to you, but quit your bitching and get over it’.

The album consists of eight tracks, seven studio recordings, and one live track. It’s available on Bandcamp where you can name your price. ($0 is still a price, but I would suggest donating something).

If you still have that live music itch Cory is also selling a CD of live recordings for $2. You won’t find that one on Bandcamp though, you’ll have to either hunt him down or attend a show to grab that jewel.

Download “One Year Later…” here.

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