CD Review: Sercrets, Lies

CD Review: Sercrets, Lies

When you talk about electronic music, most people tune out pretty quick.  I think this is because the electronic scene is swarmed with Dubstep music, which over shadows anything original being done. Luckily, bands like the Soviet Dolls still exist. Although they just released their first EP, Secrets, Lies, they already stand head and shoulders above their peers.  Their EP is a prime example of what electronic pop should be.

Soviet Dolls is a project created by Matthew Cavallaro and Stephen Quinn with vocals by Hannah Gouldrick. They have been in different bands but Soviet Dolls is their first venture into electronic pop music:

“Matt and I have been in bands together for years. We were kind of looking to do something new for a change. We have been in rock bands before, but we have always been into electronic music. We wanted to utilize more of our pop influences, and some of the more obscure stuff that we like.”

Hannah’s vocals are amazing. Her raw talent is coupled nicely with Matthew and Stephen’s instrumentals. The six songs EP makes you anxious for them to put out a full album. Personally I am interested to see how they translate their music into a live performance.

The EP can be found on their Bandcamp and is available for $5.

Download their single “White Knights” Here

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