Music Spotlight: The Setbacks

Music Spotlight: The Setbacks

The Setbacks is a group of men that pee sitting down. They also make some pretty good music. We caught up with them to talk about being mistaken for a boy band, their new EP, and the local music scene.

How did the setbacks get going?

Patrick: Jared and I were going to start a band with another guy but he broke his wrist, so we texted Beau because he played drums. We invited Mark to play with us, but mark is no longer here so we got Don.

Jared: We have been playing for about a year. Our first show was at the Flying squirrel. Shout out to Al Brundage.

Al from the squirrel told me he thought you were a boy band when you started.

Beau: I don’t think we are a boy band anymore now that we lost Mark. We have been demoted.

Don: I think we have the talent of a boy band.

So being the boy band of pop punk, do you lip synch?

Jared: If only we were that cool.

You guys got any new projects coming up?
Jared: We are working on a new album now. All I know is that we are not going to call it Yams, because that’s what we called the last one. It would just be confusing.

Patrick:  It’s going to be six songs, three old songs and three new songs. Hopefully, its going to be much better quality and more legit than Yams was.

Why is your last EP called Yams?

Jared: It’s the nickname of Beaus’s cousin.  I was with Beau at his cousins house and called his cousin “Yams”. I asked him why he called him that and he said he didn’t know. I thought it was funny and random so we named out Ep after Yams. Mostly we are so random.

Beau: If he had an actual case for the album, we were going to put his school photo as the album cover.

What do you guys think of the music scene?

Patrick: Depends on what part of the music scene you’re talking about. Band wise I love the scene because we all get along. The fan situation is kind of dumb. Usually when you go to a show the majority of people there are bands supporting each other, then three guys at the bar.

Jared: The people in the music scene are the coolest though. We have made so many friends in the last year, and we are just a band that nobody knew.

Beau: I personally like it. The bands are really close, and just really good.

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  1. al brundage says:

    I only said that you looked like a boy band that idea went right out the door as soon as you actually played your first song. You have way more talent than any boy band I’ve ever heard. Consider it a promotion guys our Comments

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