Congressional Race Sucks

Congressional  Race Sucks

I watch presidential debates like I watch a football game. It’s entertaining, the media blows it out of proportion, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. At this point the debates aren’t for level headed educated people; those folk already know who they are voting for. The debates pander for the lowest domination of man, the undecided and the far left and right.

But if watching the presidential debate is like watching the NFL, watching the congressional debates is like watching a high school game on public access.  No one really watches it, the quality is shitty, and at the end of the day they just seem to be copying the pros.

I like keeping up to date with politics and I try really hard to care about the race between Maggie Brooks and Louise Slaughter. On paper it seems like it would be a good race. The congressional district is finally being redistricted after years of gerrymandering, pitting two high profile politicians against each other for the first time in over a decade.

Both Candidates’ have long history of working in Monroe County. Slaughter is known as the most liberal representative in New York. Over the years have passed a number of bills helping local farmers and has secured funds for RIT. Brooks has worked her way up from the County Legislator, to County Clerk, to County Executive in less than 20 years and has had her hands in almost every piece of local legislation since 1995.

Unfortunately instead of talking about which candidate would be most beneficial to Monroe county we are stuck in a mud slinging battle. Slaughter accused of being a lazy tenured politician who has helped the inaction of congress. Brooks is still trying to shake off fraud charges from the 2009 ROBUTRAD scandal.

So instead of a intelligent debate, both candidates lip synch party rhetoric and the public is stuck being blasted with commercials like these:

So unless you have been paying attention to their career for year (and who has time for that?) its likely you know nothing about each candidate besides one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. The platforms they are running on don’t go into specifics and the commercials just make you hate each candidate equally.

And people wonder why voter turn out is so low, especially among younger voters. Halloween parties and voting for the best burgers in Rochester seem much more relevant than this ass backwards race.

The congressional debates take place at 7pm tonight at Nazareth College. I’m sure it will be broadcasted over all local channels if you decided to watch the train wreck.



2 comments on “Congressional Race Sucks
  1. Kevin DeHond says:

    YI found it rather refreshing to read a piece that editorialized about the sad state of the election “process” without taking any particular “side.
    It would be so nice if candidates would debate the issues without the mudslinging and character assassination.
    As for my “personal” preference, I see no good reasons to oust an incumbent who has done so much for the State on a Federal level.
    As for scandals and DUI’s: anyone who has had more than three beers and driven without getting caught????
    Well there, but for the Grace of God goes 80% of the population?

  2. Al Brundage says:

    Louise Slaughter has been a staunch advocate of single payer health care for everyone and an opponent of unnecessary foreign wars. Maggie, aside from all the other scandals she’s been involved in she’s a drunk who lip synchs to the most extreme tea party line. I know people who worked in her office. She got a DUI driving a county car. This should be a clear choice to anyone paying attention.

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