Full For Five: Anotonetta’s

Full For Five: Anotonetta’s

Anotonetta’s is like eating a home cooked meal at your great aunt’s house. Not the friendly aunt that baked cookies and seals everything with a kiss. No, the aunt that chain smokes Newports, ashes in the salad and doesn’t give a shit whether your comfortable or not.  When you walk into this restaurant, expect to get your balls busted by the entire staff.

Last time I ate there with a group of people, the waitress greeted us with a very friendly ‘What do you want?’ When we all ordered cokes, she stormed off and returned with two pitchers of coke slammed them on the table and said ‘There now you better not ask for refills’.

Located on Jay St, Anotonetta’s Restaurant is defiantly off the main drag, but is one of the best places to get Italian food in the city. . The place is only open for lunch and closes at 2:30pm, so get their early. The place is always packed, with a mixture of businessmen grabbing lunch and the regulars who post out at the bar all day.

The place is as authentic at the food, most Italian restaurants couldn’t fake the amount of history that this place has. The owner and his family still work there everyday, and the walls are loaded with old photos of famous diners, newspaper clippings, Rochester scenery. Next to the table I ate at last was hand written letters from Frank Sinatra to the owner’s wife. They were not framed and displayed nicely; they were laminated, yellowed from age, and stapled to the wall. Unless you took the time to read the letters you wouldn’t given the letters any thought.

The best part is that the place is cheap. I have to admit that I am cheating a little by calling this a Full for Five. My meal cost $7.50, but what I got I could easily split with another person and leave full. I ordered the chicken special and received a huge place of chicken, with the pasta in another large bowel on the side.

This is not the place to go to be pampered If you want to feel special go to Olive Garden and order the breadsticks. If you want to eat some great Italian food that is cooked right, be sworn at by the waitresses, and trade some dirty jokes with the bartender, Anotonetta’s is the place for you.



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